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5 Facts About Colombians

5 Facts About Colombians | Nobody Talks About

Colombians are doing a lot of things differently compared to other countries.
I think it is important to talk about those, but rather for you to know what to expect when coming to Colombia.

Colombia is a huge, divers and beautiful country, where you can do so many activities like nowhere else in the world. The Colombians them self are as special as the country they live in.

Let’s talk about some things they do that may be different in other countries.

When we arrived in Colombia, we noticed pretty quickly that they do not like spicy food at all! Which was pretty much the opposite of what we expected. There are countries like Mexico who are pretty addicted to spicy and flavorful food. But Colombians surely don’t share the love to spicy food at all. So when you love your hot sauce, you better bring it with you. When you asked for hot sauce in a restaurant they always bring different kind of sauces, usually they are sour and not hot.

Colombians are aware of their appearance and it is really important for them to look and smell good. You never see someone out in their pajamas unless it’s “dia de la pereza” which is a day when they celebrate laziness and come in their pajamas and sometimes even beds.

Other than that you see usually only relatively well-dressed Colombians, means, no flip-flops, no shorts (men), no messy hair and so on. On top of looking good they really make sure to smell good, to the point where they sometimes even overdo it but I prefer that instead of the opposite!

Soccer, such an important point! Soccer is really important here, they are going wild when it comes to watch a soccer game. I never saw so many passionate people watching a soccer game. The emotions towards soccer are so genuine, loving, devastating, exiting and much more!

I personally don’t like soccer, but I have to admit that I can’t help but watch it with Colombians. You get a real realistic community feeling, everyone is on the same page during those 90minutes you laugh and cry together. That’s exactly what I love about the Colombians, they are not afraid of showing emotions, which makes them more human, approachable and realistic.

Watch the video to find out about the 2 other points about Colombians.

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