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Tacha - How To Expat

5 Things I LOVE As An Expat

5 Things I LOVE About Being An Expat (in Colombia)

This video is about 5 things Tacha personally LOVES about being an Expat. Tacha’s gonna explain 5 things that she really LOVES about being an Expat. She’s only talking about her personal experiences she made in the time since she’s an Expat. The 5 things she LOVES about being an Expat:

1. Culture 

2. Routine 

3. People 

4. Music & Dance Culture 

5. Learn How To Live Life 

There’s so much more Tacha could tell you about what she love’s about being an Expat! For the moment those 5 things should be sufficient, in order to give you a little teaser, what an Expat’s life could be like.

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