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Are Colombians Really That Poor? | Cultural Lesson

Should You Feel Sorry For The Colombians?

Let’s be honest, everyone feels good when they can help others. And there’s nothing wrong about that, BUT you should know when it is right to help and when not.

What is the definition of being poor? 

It is important to keep in mind, that we ourselves are making the definition of what poor means to us.

When you go to an economically challenged country and you see how “poor” they are doesn’t actually mean they are. Their definition of poor might be not having food every day and yours might be not having 2 cars. It’s all a matter of your perspective.

Even when someone doesn’t earn close as much as you back in your home country, does that mean you have to feel sorry for them? Most people here are more than happy with what they earn. Colombians usually live with 3 generations together under the same roof and if a few of the family members bring money home, that’s enough to pay the bill and buy food. That the most important thing for most people.

Help when needed

It is nice that people from other countries come to Colombia and want to help the community. I will surely not deny that there are people in need of help. Helping those people is great. BUT don’t automatically assume someone must be unhappy or poor if they live differently from how you live.

It happens that foreigners are coming here see how local people live and say “OMG we have to do something, how can you live like that, that’s horrible. Your roof is leaking and your house is tiny”.

What I’m going to say now is really important!

Most people are PROUD of their houses and of what they have. If they invite you to their house, they don’t do it because they want you to feel sorry for them but because they are proud of it. Now imagine how you would feel like, letting people into your house and the only thing they do is feeling sorry for you and telling you how horrible it must be for you to live like that.

People have to understand, that just because something is different and looks “poor” doesn’t mean the person actually feels that way. Help when you’re asked to help like with volunteering’s where they show you what needs to be done. But don’t automatically assume everyone needs to live the way you do in order to be happy.

Watch the whole video and get more info about cultural differences.

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