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Are The Venezuelans A Threat? | Are They Making Colombia A Dangerous Place?

Is it still livable as an Expat with the influx of the Venezuelans refugees?

We all heard of it, the Venezuelan crisis that is still going on and forces people to leave the country in order to survive and support their family back home.

A lot of Venezuelans have been immigrating to Colombia and a lot are still daily trying to get into the country. We got asked the same question various times. Is Colombia more dangerous because of the Venezuelans? Is it still livable? etc.

Well, depending on whom you ask you will get different answers. In my opinion, the Venezuelans are not here to make trouble but to make a living somehow.

Some Colombians are really welcoming and others are not. Most of the time, at least from my personal experience, Colombians are trying to integrate the Venezuelans as good as they can to the point that they offer them shelter in their own homes.

The Venezuelan crisis doesn’t affect me personally on a daily basis. The only difference I can see is that there are more Venezuelans begging on the streets and a lot of waiters are Venezuelans. Other than that there’s nothing I’m personally afraid of, I don’t feel like Colombia is getting more dangerous because of that.

In order to understand the whole context watch the whole video!

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