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Avoid Gringo Prices in Latin America

Avoid Gringo Prices in Latin America

This Real Talk video is about getting Gringoed, Gringo priced or in other word gouged. In this video, Sam will explain what it means to get Gringo Priced. He will explain how you can avoid it, why it happens in first place and much more.

As a foreigner you need to first get used to the new environment, and the culture. For example: In Colombia it is common to negotiate the prices, but in the US or Europe (depending on where of course) it is totally normal to just accept the prices the vendor tells you. One of the main reasons people get Gringo prices, is that they don’t know how many things are worth abroad.

Almost everything is cheaper here than in our home country. That’s why you usually don’t realize when you’re getting Gringo Priced. Make sure to ask locals you know, how much things are worth here. Off course, you can’t negotiate a price in a super market, but on the streets where you can find a lot of great things for cheap.

Make sure to make your home work and you can safe even more money when traveling abroad. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any Expat questions you might have. No matter if you’ve got questions about Panama, Ecuador, Colombia or what ever country in Latin America. We would love to support you on your journey.

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