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Watch This Before Coming To Colombia!

Important Things To Know Before Coming To Colombia

You have to know about these cultural differences before coming to Colombia! This video is a generalization but still should help you to understand the point I’m making.

We had a lot of clients already, and noticed a lot of things, that we personally never thought about but clients from the U.S. are struggling with.

Just to give one example. The cars in the states are pretty heavy and therefore it is more common to slam the car doors. Here in Colombia the cars are pretty fragile. When you slam car doors here, you will get in BIG trouble.

People from the states are already known to slam car doors, that’s why taxis sometimes even have sign in English, asking to close the door gently. Or we had a few incidences where the taxi driver leaned over from his seat to close the door himself.

You might think we are exaggerating and slamming doors isn’t such a big problem. Believe me when I say, we almost got kicked out of several taxis because of THAT!

Luckily the taxi drivers always told me in Spanish to tell the foreigner not to that again. And as you might know, Colombians are happy people, fun to be around and stuff but when you slam a door here, you will make enemies instead of friends.

That’s just one of the things we noticed when being out with our clients. Watch the video till the end in order to get even more information about things you should NOT do in Colombia.

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