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Being Black In Colombia

Being Black in Colombia | Does Racism In Colombia Even Exist?

Racism in Colombia, is it as bad as one might think? We asked 2 Expats who have been living in Colombia for a couple of years already.

Being black in Colombia was a frequently asked question. A lot of people coming to Colombia are not just here because it’s a beautiful country and has low cost of living but came with the hope to start all over again.

Racism is a sensitive topic, especially in the states. We know that, but we also know that a lot of people are wondering how it is here, in Colombia and if they are African American communities.

There’s a cafe in Laureles called Sweet Georgia Cafe, owned by an Afro-American. Both guys we interview mentioned that cafe, we have been there for 4th of July celebration and it was awesome. People are welcoming and the food is great.

More details about Sweet Georgia Cafe here:

And if you like the singing at the beginning, check out Stephanie’s IG, she’s well-traveled, has an amazing voice and is just beautiful in and out!

So far I can tell that it is not close to what it is in the states, people respect each other no matter what color. But of course there will always be exceptions.

We asked both Expats about their experiences and you will be surprised about what they say.

Watch the full video to get the full picture.


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