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Best Neighborhoods In Santa Marta

Santa Marta, Colombia Guide | Best Neighborhoods In Santa Marta

It was time for another Neighborhood Guide! This time we will talk about Santa Marta a beautifully relaxed Caribbean City.

Santa Marta is a really common vacation destination for Colombians coming from Medellin and especially Bogota. It is a great destination to relax at the beach, join some touristic tours and eat delicious seafood.

But Santa Marta is way more than just a vacation destination it is a hidden Expat Gem in our opinion. Santa Marta is way too underrated, usually, people don’t even mention Santa Marta as an Expat destination but it surely is one!

For people who love the hot climate, can deal with humidity, love the beach and nature, Santa Marta is definitely the way to go. And I have to add that Santa Marta is even more attractive after knowing how inexpensive Cost Of Living is.

In this video, we will concentrate on the most common areas for Expats to live, such as the Historic Center, Rodadero and Cabo Tortuga / Pozo Colorado.

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