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Ultimate Bogota Neighborhood Guide

Ultimate Bogota Neighborhood Guide | Living in Bogota

Bogota, Colombia’s huge capital city! But how is it to live there as an Expat?

We went to Bogota to find out where the Expat neighborhoods are and which places you should rather avoid.

We had the pleasure to be shown around by our partner BertJan and Maria, check out how they can help you with your journey:

Bogota is a huge city with a lot of traffic, people and pretty chilly weather all year long.

We haven’t been able to see Bogota since living in Medellin. Finally we had the time to see the huge city a lot of people talk about. Our feelings were pretty mixed, we heard so much about it but still haven’t seen it with our own eyes.

To be honest, Bogota was way more of a positive surprise than the other way around. Yes, I don’t like the weather but besides that, Bogota is a real gem.

You find so many great neighborhoods where you feel safe and have a lot of activities nearby.

The intention of the video is to show people that haven’t been to Bogota, how the neighborhood looks like and in which areas they should consider moving when living in Bogota.

There are a lot more Bogota related videos coming up soon, so stay tuned folks!

Some added notes to the video:

– Cabrera is less commercial and much more a residential neighborhood and much more costly per sq. meter than El Chico. – The US ambassador’s home is NOT in Santa Ana – There are in fact nice middle class areas South of Bogota

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