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Challenges While Relocating

Challenges While Relocating to Colombia

There are a lot of challenges you might face when relocating to another country. In this Real Talk video, Sam will talk about the challenges he had to face since relocating to Colombia. Just relocating to another country can be a hassle.

As soon as you are in the country of choice, you surely will face challenges you maybe haven’t expected. Starting with the language, the language can really be a game changer depending on the country. In Colombia for example it is a real life safer to speak Spanish, even though it isn’t perfect yet.

We had a lot to go trough till we moved, and I am sure there will be more challenges we don’t know about yet. That’s exactly why we started How To Expat in the first place. We want to help other Expats and soon to be Expats to be prepared as good as possible before making the move.

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