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Christmas In The Comuna 13 | The Beauty Of Volunteering

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Merry Christmas everyone!

We had the amazing opportunity to spend early Christmas in the Comuna 13 this year. The Comuna 13 used to be THE most dangerous neighborhood in Latin America around 15-20 years ago.

As time passed the local community made an effort to change violence into creativity. Today the Comuna 13 is famous for its beautiful and unique graffiti and the escalator in the middle of the Barrio.

We got in touch with the language school Primed Community and found out, that they are hosting an event in the Comuna 13 this year for Christmas and are still looking for help. We went Christmas gift shopping, we went to wrap the gifts together with other volunteers and finally, it was time to make some kids happy!

The event was more than we could have imagined, it was fun, entertaining, heart-warming and so much more. Imagine seeing 150 happy kids!

And if that wouldn’t be enough. The mother of one of the organizers who actually lives in the Comuna 13 cooked Sancocho a traditional Colombian soup for us and made delicious Natilla and Bunuelos for us, which is a typical dessert during Christmas time. We feel blessed to have been part of such a beautiful event.

One of our goals in 2020 is to be involved in more volunteering events and connect even more with the local community.

If you’re interested to volunteer in Medellin, please check out the following website:

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