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Colombia Money Transfer Ultimate Guide

Colombia Money Transfer | Ultimate Guide | Real Talk Ep. 8

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Looking for the best way to transfer money to Colombia? Sam checked them all out and will explain to you why WorldRemit is his favorite.

This video is NOT sponsored but the link is as mentioned an affiliate link which gives us a little percentage when you sign up and you also get 25USD as a gift from worldremit.

In this video Sam’s going to show different ways to transfer money to Colombia. There are many factors like, the exchange rate, max. amount you can transfer, the duration and more. It really makes a difference when it comes to transferring money.

Sam is going to show the most used and famous money transfer companies in order to show you directly what the difference is and why he is a big fan of WorldRemit. We noticed, that a lot people struggle with transferring money from their foreign bank accounts. We saw a lot of FB post and the answers.

A lot people recommend companies their money transferring companie because it’s the only one they know or they use it for years.

Our philosophy is to always look into the bigger picture and to be as updated as possible in order to really help people with the information we provide.

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