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Colombian Habits Nobody Talks About

Colombian Habits Nobody Talks About

There are still a lot of things we have to learn from the Colombian culture. And we enjoy every step of the way!

Somethings might make us uncomfortable, some will embarrass us or make us laugh but it’s all part of the process.

There are surely still a lot of things we never heard of or have seen yet. For now, I want to focus on a few things that I noticed are part of the culture but are often not recognized as such.

Starting with physical touches. People here are really open and friendly. They express themselves through a lot of ways and touching is one of them. For instance, it can be that you just met somebody but you had such a good time together that the person touches your shoulder during the conversation or even your face depending on the context. In other countries, it would be considered as inappropriate and as flirty. But here it’s just the way people express themselves.

Same goes for touching your pet or kid without permission, especially pets that don’t like to be touched by strangers will have a hard time in Medellin. They are seen as part of public property, “everyone has the right to touch it”.

Colombians are spontaneous. In other countries, you are kind of always busy and it is hard to see your friends frequently and especially without planning to see them days, weeks or even months ahead.

Colombians are way easier in that matter, they are more spontaneous and don’t plan too much but rather see what the day brings. They don’t want to schedule everything and usually, it is not a good idea to make plans for the future. Because most probably they just go to forget and make others plans that very day.

Watch the full video in order to find out more about other Colombian habits.

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