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The Most Common Expressions You’ll Come Across In Colombia!

Typical Colombian Expressions

In this video, we have a special guest! Violeta from Social Spanish will teach us the most common Spanish expressions you’ll come across on your trip to Colombia!

Remember the following expressions on your trip to Colombia:

Can you give me… please – Me regalas… por favor

Excuse me – Que pena

At your service – A la orden

What are you looking for? – Que busca(s)?

You’re welcome – Con mucho gusto

Can I include the tips? – Desea incluir el servicio?

How many installments? – A cuantas cuotas?

What’s up – Que mas?

(Don’t) give them a reason to rob you – (No) dar papaya

Violeta is a Spanish Tutor for over 8 years and has helped many foreigners to get fluent in Spanish. The advantage of tutoring is surely the individual approach she can take with every student. Depending on your level, speed, etc. she will adapt to your specific needs in order to make your learning experience the best possible! On top of that, you can already start learning Spanish with Violeta today! Violeta has her own YouTube Channel where she talks about common mistakes, how to pronounce words properly and more!

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