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Common Myths About Colombia | Is Police Corruption Really A Thing?

What Is Actually True?

I’m sure you have heard a lot of stories about Colombia. The good and the bad stories. Hearing so many stories especially the bad ones, from the news and from people are making it hard to know what is actually the truth and what are lies or myths.

We noticed, that people tend to put all Latin countries in the same basket. Meaning, if someone tells you, that in Panama there was no hot water in the shower, or that the Mexican food is spicy, people assume the same applies for Colombia too.

In this video, I’d like to talk about some of those myths we heard the most.

I’ll talk about:

  • Police Corruption
  • Gringo Prices
  • Blackouts / Internet Outages
  • Hot water
  • And more!

Watch the video till the end and find out more about the most common myths.

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