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Downsides Of Living in Colombia

Cons Of Living in Colombia | We Asked Expats!

Life In Colombia

We recently published a video where we asked Expats about their 3 Pros of living in Colombia. We wouldn’t be How To Expat if we wouldn’t have asked about the Cons too! Colombia is a beautiful country but just like every country, it comes with some bad sides. We asked the same Expats again about their 3 biggest Cons.

The Biggest Disadvantages Of Living In Colombia

We asked way more Expats about the Pros and Cons than we show in our videos. Something’s for sure, everybody perceives Colombia differently! But still, there are some things most of the Expats pointed out.

The following points are the most mentioned ones when we asked about Colombia’s Cons:

  • Bureaucracy (getting things done fast)
  • To many motorcycles
  • Hard to get around with only English
  • Pollution (Especially in the bigger cities like Medellin and Bogota)
  • Traffic

Watch the full video in order to find out more about other Expat’s biggest Cons in Colombia.

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