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Cost Of Living Apartment In Medellin

Cost of Living Apartment in Medellin

Sam and Tacha moved to a new apartment in Medellin, Colombia after living in a furnished Aribnb. In this video Sam and Tacha will answer to main questions: -How they found the new apartment in Medellin, Colombia

The process to get an Apartment in Colombia. Sam and Tacha renting out an Airbnb for several months. The previous apartment got to small for what they needed it for. Airbnb is a great way to start in a new country because you don’t need to furniture it at all. They provide you with everything you may need on your stay.

After several months living in Medellin, Sam and Tacha decided to make the big step and to rent out an own apartment which they had to furnish themselves. In this video we are going to show how the new apartment looks like, how we found the apartment and the process with a Colombian real estate agency.

We recommend anyone who is looking to do the same as we did, to learn Spanish or to at least have somebody to translate. Without any Spanish it is simply not possible to get local prices.

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