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Dating In Medellin Colombia

Dating The Right Way In Medellin Colombia | Paisa Gringo Conversation

Dating is an unavoidable topic here in Colombia and particularly in Medellin. But how do you date here? Is it the same as back home, what do you have to watch out for, and so on. So many questions have been asked over and over again.

There are so many posts about dating in Medellin on the famous Expat groups on Facebook. We thought it would be great to make an event out of it. We got invited to co-host the dating event and make a video for even more people to see and learn from it.

In today’s video, you see Ana (Colombian) our partner that helps Expats for over 2 years relocating to Medellin. And Jarrod (US) who was married to a Colombian for over 10 years, talking about the things they learned while dating foreigner and locals in Colombia.

How To Expat is usually not the platform to talk about dating stuff, because we are not dating and therefore can’t share our experiences. And second, topics like that attract people that we don’t want to attract (people looking for prostitutes, just sex and nothing else). There are enough YT channels talking about such topics.

But still, we know it is important for a lot of people to find the right person here and that’s why we wanted to share a few important points Ana and Jarrod made. We hope you can learn some things from the video and find “the one” for yourself here in Medellin.

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