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Expat Fears! | How Our Fears Changed After Living In Colombia

Fears Only Expats Understand

We help and support a lot of people that are planning to become Expats in Colombia. Even though it has been already 2 years since we moved, we still remember vividly how scared we were of so many different things.

We had so many misconceptions before coming to Colombia. During our process of settling, we realized that we suddenly faced new kinds of fears that were different from the previous ones.

And the very same thing happened again AFTER finally settling. We are more than happy with our life here in Medellin, Colombia. But we still have some fears that came after the process of settling and are remaining to this day.

That’s exactly what today’s video is all about, our fears we had and still have.

What Scared Us Before We Moved 

  • Safety
  • Guerrillas
  • Guns

During the Process Of Settling

  • Getting a Visa
  • Taxes

What Scares Us Now

  • Traffic
  • Catcalling
  • Pelados

Watch the whole video in order to get the bigger picture of our fears and why they’ve changed.

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