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Expats With Health Issues | Why A Lot Of Expats Feel Better After Moving Abroad

How Colombia Healed Us

Sam and I had both health issues back in Switzerland but didn’t even realize it until a few weeks ago. We were just too used to the health issues that we both thought it’s just a part of us and this is how it’s going to be the rest of our lives.

Well, we were so wrong. Living in Colombia pretty much healed us from most of our health issues!

Back in Switzerland, the work-life balance didn’t really exist for us, we were pretty much stressed out about everything. Sam and I were pretty much always healthy people, we eat healthily and work out but the biggest difference is surely the newly established work-life balance.

Anyways, Sam had symptoms like a lot of sneezing, itching and just discomfort in general. And I had Migraines with a high sensibility to light. We realized that our health issues are psychological and not physiological.

Moving to Colombia was surely stressful, but we settled here pretty fast and most of our symptoms are gone by now. The same happens to a lot of Expats actually.

We talked to doctors, and they explained that this phenomenon is not seldom, actually it happens a lot. Foreigners that moved to Colombia came with prior health issues, some of those could get off of all their medications and others just feel better in general.

Well, the point I’m trying to make is that moving abroad showed us that even though we don’t realize it, our environment can have a great impact on us good and bad. For Sam and I Colombia is the perfect environment in order to feel balanced, happy and fulfilled.

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