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Feria De Las Flores 2019

The Craziest Party In Medellin | Feria De Las Flores 2019

It’s August again and with August always comes Ferie De Las Flores aka the Flower Festival.
Parades, concerts, art and a lot more awaits you at the flower festival. In other words a big party! The month of August is one of the busiest in Medellin next to Christmas time.

A lot of people are coming into the city of eternal spring to see the beautiful flowers arrangements.

We had a lot of fun at the flower festival. Lots of people, events, food and of course flowers.
We noticed, that the traffic was horrible during that time. The traffic jams started unusually early and ended pretty late too. If you want to fly to Medellin during August it will also cost you more than usual because of the flower festival.

We also have to mention, that you have to watch out when you are in big crowds, August is one of the high seasons for pickpocketers. Always watch your stuff and try to avoid the big crowds if possible, and try to stand a little further of the main stage. The further the better, there are fewer people and therefore the probability lower to get robbed.

The Story:
The first flower festival ever started around 50 years ago. Flower farmers from Santa Elena, a village up in the hills, are cultivating different kind of flowers there. They came down with the “silletas” (a wooden kinda chair that they were carrying on their backs. The “chair” has more history to it, but let’s concentrate on the flower festivals story) into the city of Medellin in order to sell the flowers.

As soon as they sold their flowers they went grocery shopping and went back to Santa Elena with the groceries. The journey down took around 19h and the way up around 23h. It was a long and tough journey.

One of the farmers got enough money to buy a car and transported the flowers that way. When they went down to the city in the new car they first drove by the markets to show their flowers, that was marketing in the early days if you want so.

Long story short, this is how the tradition of the flower festival started, and ever since they celebrate the beautiful flowers from the Santa Elena farmers. For 2 weeks each August.

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