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Furnish An Apartment In Colombia

Furnishing an Apartment in Colombia

In this Real Talk episode Tacha and Sam will talk about how much they spend to furnish their apartment. This video has the purpose to show others who want to furnish their apartments, how we did it. It is off course also different depending on taste and necessities.

But to have a basic idea where and how to get an apartment furnished in Medellin, Colombia, this video will surely help. We never furnished an apartment from scratch, back in Switzerland we already had some furniture and brought them when we moved together.

We never had to start from scratch and thinking about everything an apartment needs, or we need in order to design a comfortable apartment. The video shows all the basic furniture we bought here in Medellin Colombia and also how much we spent for it.

We are not done yet with the furnishing process, there will be some more things we want to get, but in order to live here we already have everything. I think the stuff we have is enough to give others an idea on how much they will probably spend for their own apartment.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any Expat questions you might have. No matter if you’ve got questions about Panama, Ecuador, Colombia or what ever country in Latin America. We would love to support you on your journey.

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