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Should You Get A Car In Colombia?

Are You Planning To Get A Car In Colombia?

It starts by bringing your car. You are not allowed to bring a used car into Colombia. That means you are just allowed to import a new car or an old-timer.

In case you are planning on getting your car in Colombia, you need to know that the prices will be higher for a new vehicle. Colombia doesn’t produce its own cars, therefore, you pay a lot more.

How about driving in Colombia?

You are allowed to drive a car in Colombia as long as you are a tourist. As soon as you get a visa you have to get a Colombian driver’s license. You are not allowed to drive with a foreign driver’s license anymore.

What does that mean for you?

If you still want to drive in Colombia you have to attend a driver’s school again. Attend theory class and driving classes even though you already know how to drive a car.

You need to take a written exam and pass a driving test in order to eventually get your driver’s license.

Watch the video in order to get all the information you need about having/getting a car in Colombia

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