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Getting A Room In Medellin

Getting A Room In Medellin | Ultimate Guide with Prices

Why Getting A Room In The First Place?

This is surely not for you if you’re bringing your whole family to Medellin or if you don’t like to live with other people.

But for people on a budget, that don’t mind sharing an apartment with one or more different people, this option can save you a lot of money. Depending on where your roommates are from you might be able to improve your Spanish and get to know the culture better.

The great thing is, that sharing an apartment is really common in Medellin. A lot of people, foreigners and Colombians, are willing to share their apartment in order to save on rent and to get to know more people. Age is usually not an issue at all.

How To Find A Room?

The most common used websites to find a room are the following:

Airbnb (short and long term rentals)

Airbnb is surely one of the most common websites people use when it comes to finding an apartment. When looking for a room, we recommend asking if you could see it before booking. 

That way you can check if the apartment is the way you imagined it to be and more importantly you get to know you, future roommates.

And when you think it is a fit, you might even consider negotiating the price, especially if you are planning to stay for a longer period of time.

CompartoApto (long term rental)

CompartoApto is another really popular website to find a room in Medellin. Other than Airbnb, CompartoApto is usually used by locals and not so many foreigners. In case your Spanish is not enough to communicate, you might consider starting on Airbnb till your Spanish is good enough.

The difference between the two websites are surely the prices, usually, you get to pay more on Airbnb. Colombians usually have a better deal with renting an apartment and, therefore, won’t charge you that much.




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