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Getting A Sim Card In Colombia

Getting A Sim Card In Colombia | Watch This Before Coming!

When you travel to a foreign country such as Colombia and plan to stay for a while you certainly want to make sure to stay connected. There are a lot of options and it can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start and what you need to make sure of even before coming.

We usually suggest to get a prepaid card. No matter if you are just visiting Colombia for a while or staying long term. There are a lot of different options that are similar to a plan but you don’t have to make a contract at all.

We usually try to stick to the easiest and best solutions and I can say out of experience, prepaid is the best solutions for us, at least at the moment. I use Claro because I had most experiences with Claro and I know how it works.

A Good thing is you can charge your cell phone almost everywhere on the go.

Before coming to Colombia you should make sure your phone does NOT have a sim lock. We had a client with that exact problem, he just got a new phone in the states and didn’t know about the sim lock. We already made the sim card at the time we realized that.

We had the option to unlock the sim card in a store, but we never did that before. And on top of that he’s phone was new, we didn’t know if he would lose his 2 years warranty if we would take the sim lock out. In that specific case, we ended up getting another cell phone for around USD 80.

You usually don’t need your passport to register the sim card, but because it’s Colombia, we suggest to carry a copy of your passport or your drivers license with you. We registered several sim cards with Claro so far, and made different experiences.

Sometimes they needed the passport (copy is enough), in case our client forgot the passport the drivers license was enough too. We even had a store that was giving out sim card without registering at all. The sim card was already active, the client could even choose the phone number.

Watch the full video to get even more tips.

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