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My Gringo Price Story In Colombia

Getting Gringo Priced, Boots On The Ground Story

Getting gouged abroad, what can you do in order to avoid it? Gringo Prices? What does that even mean?

Since, Latinos tend to call foreigners and especially people from the US, Gringos, the name Gringo price usually only applies to foreigners getting gouged.

A lot of people think they’re getting Gringo-Priced but is this really true? Are you paying Gringo prices because you pay more than other Expats?

In this video, Sam will talk about those Gringo prices and how you know if you’re getting gouged or not. Getting higher prices doesn’t automatically mean you’re getting Gringo priced.

There is way more to the story, you can’t only judge by the prices you have to pay for certain things, you need to see the bigger picture. A lot of people think they can have the same prices as long term Expats.

You can’t just go to another country and expecting to get the same prices as someone who speaks the local language, has local friends and that has been living there for quite a time.

The prices you pay in the beginning will most probably be higher till you settle, get to know people, the culture and more.

After this video should have a better idea of when they really apply those Gringo prices and when you pay more for comfort.

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