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Gringo Prices | How To Avoid Getting Gouged!

Are You Paying Gringo Prices?

I talked about it several times already. But it seems to be a really important topic for a lot of our subscribers.

People mention it over and over again, that they want to avoid those evil Gringo Prices at all costs!

What does getting gringo priced mean? 

Long story short, if you as a foreigner buy something and get charged more than a local person.
People understand it as: Foreigners are being taken advantage of because they’re perceived as wealthy and therefore, they get charged more.

Are you really getting gringo priced or are you just not familiar with the local rules? 

That doesn’t only depend on the country you’re visiting or living in but also the city or even neighborhood.
There are places where it is normal to haggle, otherwise, they will charge you whatever they want. And if YOU as a foreigner don’t know about that unspoken rule, well obviously you pay more for the taxi ride or whatever it is.

The very same happens to locals that are traveling in Colombia but don’t know about that rule. One can’t call that gringo pricing, it’s rather a cultural matter.

There’s a lot more to say about this topic and I invite you to watch the whole video in order to get the full picture of the Gringo Pricing issue.

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