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Should You Bring Your Gun With You? | Gun Law In Colombia

Are You Allowed To Carry A Gun?

Are you allowed to carry or own a gun in Colombia?
There are some exceptions, but in general, the answer is NO.

You could get a permit if your life would be in danger or when you work as a security guard. Almost every person that works in the security field, no matter if it’s just in a mall or in front of the police department, gets a gun.

I personally do carry a Swiss knife with me unless I go to a club or another public event. There they will check your pockets and take everything away that could put other people in danger including the Swiss knife, pepper spray, and other self-defense tools.

I actually got caught once, when I took a pepper spray with me to a public event. I totally forgot about it but was lucky enough that the police officer just made me hide it somewhere instead of getting a fine.

Watch the video in order to get all the information you need about Colombia’s gun laws.

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