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How Does Health Insurance Work In Colombia?

Learn More About Health Insurance In Colombia

Colombia has 3 Health Care Systems, Sispen, PBS and Private.
In this video, we will talk about, how the Colombian healthcare system works, how much it will more or less cost you and the conditions in order to get into the Colombian healthcare system.

We will leave out the Sispen because this is exclusively for the people that don’t have any money and can’t afford the other two options.

This is the health insurance anyone can get and there’s no way they can exclude you. In order to get into the PBS system, you need to have residency in Colombia, means, you need at least a to have cedula in order to apply for the PBS.

As I mentioned, the good thing is, they can’t exclude you, the downside is everything takes longer. You always have to go to a general doctor in order to get to a specialist. An appointment with a specialist can take around 2 to 3 months or even longer, depending on the specialist you need.

The private system is a lot faster compared to the PBS system. One of the downsides though is the age limit. You are only able to apply for the private system until 62 years old. As Luisa mentioned, Sura is working on something for people over 62 but that’s not official yet. We will surely make another video with her as soon as the new option is available.

Watch the entire video in order to get even more knowledge about the healthcare system in Colombia including the deductibles and more!

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