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How Colombia Changed Us

How We Changed After Living In Colombia

Ever since we left Switzerland we haven’t visited till May this year. We spent almost 3 weeks in Switzerland after being gone for so long.

On top of that it was the first time after coming to Colombia, that we actually left the country. Usually we just traveled in Colombia but not outside of it.

It was a great experience to go back to our home country and to see and feel how Colombia already changed us. It was also interesting to see how our behavior changed during our stay.

In this video we want to talk about 8 things we noticed we changed since living in Colombia.

For Tacha it was surely the fact that she has to be patient here. Tacha was never a really patient person, and she prefers everything to be done right away and not wasting time waiting. Colombia was surely a huge challenge for her. Waiting here is as normal as breathing!

Sam noticed, that he whistles when he likes a song, maybe even sings along, which is more than unusual in Switzerland. There you get some weird looks if people hear or see you doing that.

Switzerland is and will always be our home country, and we learned a lot useful thing during our time growing up there. But it helps us a lot to think more out of the box, living in such a different country.

See the full video to see what else changed for the two of us.

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