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How Colombians Spot Foreigners

How Colombians Spot Foreigners | Let’s Talk About Expats in Colombia

How does a Colombian spot a foreigner?

Have you ever asked yourself how they found out about you being a foreigner? Is it that obvious?

In this video, we asked Ana our friend and partner. Ana was born and raised in Colombia. She helps foreigners relocating to Medellin for over 2 years.

We asked her about her opinion. Can she spot foreigners, and how does she do that?

The fun thing is a lot of foreigners coming here, no matter Expats or tourists, they bring their usual clothes from back home with them. For them, it is normal to walk around like that. This is surely one way to spot them.

And also, for tourists it’s a vacation, so why should they dress up, that’s at least what a lot of people think. Just by wearing those “beach type” clothes foreigners can be spotted too. But there’s more, watch the video and find out what Ana has to say about that topic.

Relocate with Ana here:

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