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How To Spot A Scam?! | Be Aware of Those Scamming Methods in Colombia

The Scams You Should Know About

Let’s talk about scams in Colombia. In this video, I’m going to focus on the scams that I heard and people experienced the most.

The scams vary from city to city. Take Cartagena for instance, it is surely a city that is notorious for scams compared to other Colombian cities. The strategies may be different but at the end of the day, they’re all scams.

Let’s take a look into the scams we heard about from friends, or we experienced ourselves.

Gringo Prices
Yes, it exists even though there are people denying it. Gringo prices is a thing that doesn’t only concern foreigners in Colombia but pretty much in all Latin America depending on where you are it happens more often.

Gringo Pricing is when someone charges you more because you are a foreigner. That usually only happens when you buy stuff on the streets. It doesn’t happen in a regular grocery store but everywhere you don’t have fixed prices could have the potential.

The granny is sick, the pet needs surgery, the phone is about to die
That mostly happens to single men that are dating here. The date asks you for money pretty much at the beginning, maybe after the first date, maybe even before it.
Usually, they make it seem urgent and make you feel responsible for whatever they pretend to need money for.

Most things come down to common sense if you have met a girl the first time, and she asks you to pay a $2000 hospital bill for her grandmother. She most probably is a scam.

Taxi takes a longer route
It can happen that especially when you don’t know the right way to the destination you’re heading to, that a taxi driver might take advantage of your cluelessness. He may make some unnecessary turns, take a street that takes longer or just drives in circles, in order to get more money,

I just mentioned 3 examples of the scams that might occur to you in Colombia, if you want to know the rest of it I suggest to watch the whole video.

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