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Medellin Airport Transportation And Prices | How Our Clients Got Gouged!

Watch Out With The Airport Transport Fee!

Most people that are coming to Medellin the first time, don’t know how to get to their accommodation. We usually suggest using the official airport taxis, since they have a fixed rate.

You can also use Uber, but it is usually faster and more convenient to use an airport taxi. Also, you have to keep in mind, that Uber is technically illegal. That fact doesn’t stop people from offering or using it. It’s just a higher risk if you get caught that it will be inconvenient for you. Good thing is, that you as a user won’t have a problem, but the driver does.

Important to know are the fixed prices. They should not charge you more than max 95 mil Colombian Pesos which is around 32 USD. On average people pay 75 mil Colombian Pesos which equals 25 USD. The price depends on the area you have to go to of course, but if you’re staying somewhere in Medellin they should not charge you more.

Watch the whole video in order to get more details and find out how clients of ours got insanely gouged.

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