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Misconceptions in Latin America

Misconceptions in Latin America | How Does a Latina Look Like?

Latin@ or not, how do they look like? Do they have a certain look?

So many people travel to Latin countries with specific expectations about their looks, environment, food, and much more.

This video should help to debunk certain misconceptions in Latin America. Tacha will talk about, how Latin@’s look like, what food to expect in Latin America and more.

I can’t say people are ignorant when they travel to Latin countries and expect it to be like Mexico. Usually, people expect places to be the same like the ones they already have been to and since the language spoken in the country is the same, there are surely some things those countries have in common.

What people forget is that each region and not just a country can be so different!

Traveling surely helps to debunk misconceptions, but in case one can’t travel so often, this video helps to at least debunk some of the misconceptions regarding Latin America / Colombia.

Make your research before going to another country, watch videos, ask people in order to really know before hand what to expect.

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