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Most Explosive Sport In Colombia!

Most Explosive Sport In Colombia!

What Is Tejo? Tejo is a game that was played by a Colombian tribe called Turmequé. It’s a game played with steel discs. The goal is to hit the little packages of gunpowder. The packages only explode when you hit them hard enough with the steel disc.

Originally Tejo was played with purely golden discs. The triangles, which are little paper packages with gunpowder today, were pure golden triangles back then. The goal was the same, when you hit the triangle you win. And back then you won the gold!

Unfortunately, the game isn’t played with gold anymore, so there’s no gold to win. But at least you get a nice BOOM when you hit the right spot!

About Chris Chris lives in Colombia for over 7years now. He owned a restaurant and started playing Tejo after selling the restaurant.

He offers a Tejo Tour in the INDER sport area of Envigado. He will take care of you throughout the whole new Tejo experience! He will coach you when you need it and show you how it’s played correctly.

The tour is especially for foreigners in order to show them how Colombia’s national sport is played properly. The whole event will take around 2h.

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