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Moving Abroad Without A Pension | Can You Still Make It Happen?

Can You Make It Happen Long-Term?

Most retirees or people getting social security can easily get a visa in Colombia. How about people that still have to make a living?

We ran into that problem too. We thought it would be easy to get a visa and just work for a Colombian company. What we didn’t think about, is that most foreigners have higher expenses than Colombians. People from the US, for instance, have to pay double taxes, that’s something one has to think of before accepting a job with a salary of $500 to $1000 USD per month.

And even apart from the double taxation, we spend more than the average Colombian because we usually need more things than they do. And don’t forget most Colombians could not survive by themselves with the low income they’re getting BUT they usually live under one roof with 3 generations. Most of them are working and therefore they can afford to accept low paying jobs.

Another idea could be to open a company. But to open a company you already have to bring a certain amount of money in order to get a visa through that. There’s more to know about it but let’s just say, it’s not easy either. Contact us if you want more info about that specific topic.

Watch the whole video in order to figure out if and how you could make it happen as a foreigner in Colombia that does not have social security or a retirement yet.

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