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Negative Culture Shock In Colombia

Negative Culture Shock, False Expectations About Latin America

In this video Sam’s gonna talk about the *Negative Culture Shock he had in Latin America.

About 3 years before leaving Switzerland, Sam started to make a lot of research about the US and Latin America. At this point he didn’t know where exactly to go.

After a few trips to Latin America, the decision was made. Latin America is gonna be he’s and Tacha’s new home.

But still, he didn’t know where to settle, they had to choose between Panama, Colombia and Ecuador.

Although he already traveled to Latin countries, he had a *Negative Culture Shock due to the misconceptions of what Latin American countries look like and how life would be.

In this video he will show you with examples what he thought Latin America would be like and how it actually is for an Expat.

* A negative culture shock is kinda the opposite of a normal culture shock. It means that he’s expectations were way more different from what it actually was, in a positive way.

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