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Open a Bank Account In Colombia

Open a Bank Account In Colombia | Is It Possible With Just A Passport?

How easy is it to open a bank account in Colombia? Is a passport enough to open the account?

There are a lot of misinformation about opening a bank account in Colombia. We repeat it a lot but it’s so important to keep that in mind, NEVER TRUST JUST ONE SOURCE OF INFORMATION!

Especially here in Colombia where 1 + 1 can equal 3! Always try to get different opinions, inputs, sources in general before making your mind up.

I saw a lot of Facebook posts about opening a bank account. Some say it’s not possible without a Cedula (Colombian ID) and others say it is. What is the truth?

The truth is, it is actually possible to open a bank account, it just depends on many factors if it’s going to succeed or not.

Those factors can be such as:

  • Is your Spanish sufficient to do it alone?
  • Are you friendly enough?
  • What’s your clerks mood ?
  • In which area of the city are you trying to open the bank account?

And so on… there are a lot of things you can’t even know about or change. Somethings are just based on luck in Colombia. It’s a cultural thing you have to get used to when you plan to live here long-term.

There are some tips I can share with you in order to make the chance as high as possible to get a Colombian bank account.

Keep watching the full video in order to get all the important information.

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