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Pablo Escobar in Medellin

Is Pablo Escobar Still Present in Medellin?

Pablo Escobar, a topic foreigners love to talk about and Colombians prefer to leave out.

Pablo Escobar surely is known by every Colombian, but how do they deal with it? Are they still influenced by him in a way, are they talking a lot about him or do they just live their life? Since, the Netflix series “Narcos” Colombia became pretty popular world-wide.

In this video Sam wants to clarify how much Pablo Escobar’s heritage is still present in the daily life in Medellin.

On one hand it’s nice to see people not being as afraid as before to visit Colombia, on the other hand the reasons are sometimes questionable. Are they doing any good by coming here just to see Pablo Escobar’s grave, he’s old fincas and much more? Surely it brings money into the country.

We never visited any Pablos Escobar attraction on purpose, because we want to enjoy the NOW and not thinking about what happened in the past.

Colombians do the same, they enjoy the now and don’t think about the past. How does it help anyone anyway to be stuck in the past?

Enjoy the video and leave us a comment with your opinion to the topic Pablos Escobar.

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