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Pros Of Living In Colombia

We Asked Expats | 3 Pros Of Living In Colombia

We already made a video about the Pros and Cons of living in Medellin. We always speak about our own experiences. This time we took a different approach and asked other Expats about their Pros and Cons of living here. Today’s video will be about the Pros. What are other Expats saying about life here in Colombia?

Other Expat’s experiences We’ve been to a few places so far and, therefore, met a lot of people in Colombia. We asked them about the Pros of living in Colombia. When talking to Expats we usually had some similar points all mentioned.

The following points are the things Expats pointed out the most:

  • The weather (Not only in Medellin)
  • Cost of living
  • The friendliness of the Colombian people
  • The fresh products, like local fruits and veggies
  • Nature (Beaches, forests, waterfalls and more)

The above-mentioned points are things, almost all Expat’s mentioned. There are surely more points I could have listed but the mentioned things are the ones that the most location independent.

Watch the video and find out what Expats say about the Pros of living in Colombia.

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