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Quality Of Life In Bogota Colombia

Quality Of Life In Bogota Colombia | Living in Colombia

Quality of Life in Bogota, how did we feel there?

Tacha will talk about topics like people, activities, climate and more.

Bogota was way more than we expected it to be, we knew that Bogota is a huge city, but we didn’t know that we will actually like it. We are more into smaller cities where you don’t have so many people. But Bogota did its magic.

We were lucky to have BertJan and Maria our partners in Bogota, to show us around. They gave us the best possible experience there, by taking us to different places.

We even went a little out of Bogota to little villages which was amazing, that surely gave us an even better perspective of everything. You can be so near to such a huge city like Bogota but still living in a small town/village.

We enjoyed our stay a lot and will surely be back soon, to see even more of those beautiful landscapes and cultural monuments.

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