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Quality Of Life From A Woman’s Perspective

Quality Of Life In Medellin – Tacha With Friends

Quality Of Life From A Woman’s Perspective

This article is based on the experiences Tacha made, since she’s living in Medellin, Colombia.

Safety In Medellin

I feel a lot safer in Colombia than expected. During the day I feel really safe wherever I go, but I always keep in mind that it doesn’t mean it is safe just because I feel this way. You always need to be aware of your surrounding in order to stay safe. During night, I never had any incidents, but I am more alarmed and even more aware of my surroundings.

During the day for example I don’t mind taking a taxi, that changes during night because the risk of somebody trying to rip you off is a lot higher. That’s why I prefer to order an UBER.

Little site note: UBER is officially forbidden in Colombia. But still there are more than enough UBER driver everywhere! In case the police finds out about an UBER driver, he will get some trouble, but as a passenger you don’t have to worry.

In order to still have UBER in the future, I recommend you to avoid ordering an UBER to busy streets especially if there are lots of Taxi’s, order it to the street around the corner where it is less busy. And no matter if you’re in a group or alone, one of you need to sit on the passenger seat in order to make it less obvious.

Food In Medellin

The food compared to the states and most places in Europe are insanely cheap. Since I’m in Colombia I eat a lot more outside just to enjoy the Colombian vibe and of course their food. They have various options of fruits, fruits I never heard of back in Switzerland even bananas are different in taste here. They have a big food culture and are proud of it. Colombians prefer to eat a huge lunch and less for dinner.

For instance, they serve “el menu del dia” that’s the special lunch offer you’ll find in every Colombian restaurant. They always serve a soup of your choice, a fresh fruit juice and a plate with meat of your choice and more than enough sides. It is a lot of food for someone who’s not used to these sizes.

For dinner, they mostly have an Arepa with cheese a hot chocolate (depending on the region) or some other “snacks”.

Culture In Medellin

As a woman I tend to overthink things, also I am not really a patient person.

Colombia really teaches someone how to relax more, to wait longer, how to think less and how to really enjoy something.

Even if you’re not willing to learn it, you’ve got only 2 options here, adapt to the lifestyle here or get always upset of the Colombian way of life, I personally prefer the first option. Since, we’re in Colombia we already learned so much from the Colombians. For example how much they enjoy food and the connection between their family. Also, we learned that they have a whole other clock in their culture, even if their 1 hour late it can be considered as “normal” and not rude like Swiss people think it is.

As a woman it is really important to dress properly and feminine, to paint your nails and to put on perfume. It is also important that you smell and look good same applies for your home, they love air freshener.

Long story short, Colombia is a great place for women and men to improve their view of life and to get more relaxed and learn how to really enjoy things.

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