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Quality Of Life Santa Marta Colombia

How’s Quality Of Life In Santa Marta?

Santa Marta a beautiful city on the Caribbean coast. We love Santa Marta for being so different from Medellin, having a beach and a lot of activities nearby. In this video, I will talk about the Quality Of Life. And as always I will talk about the people, food activities and more. After this video you should know more about Santa Marta and if it would be a place for you as an Expat!

Let’s give you some examples of what I will talk about in the video:

The people in Santa Marta are friendly, outgoing, loud and super laid back. That also means things will take longer to be done. Also, you will notice, that they speak super fast and swallow words. I personally struggle to understand them sometimes, also because they use different slang words on top of talking fast.

Safety was never a concern for me in Santa Marta. I never felt unsafe, the people never gave me the impression to worry about it in the first place. I would say you have to be more aware of your surroundings compared to Medellin. In Santa Marta, you surely have to watch out for your stuff. The biggest risk you’ll face in Santa Marta, in my opinion, is to get robbed. Usually, they do it the clever way, so you won’t even notice. But your life is surely not in danger or anything. But as always, be aware of your surroundings, be street-smart and avoid getting involved with the wrong women.

Cost Of Living
Grocery shopping is more or less the same in every city in Colombia. Especially if you go to normal supermarkets and not to local farmers markets.
The amazing thing is that rentals are really inexpensive from a foreigner’s perspective. A couple with a decent lifestyle will spend around $1500 a month. Rent for a nice furnished apartment is around $600 – $800.
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Watch the video in order to get more info the Quality Of Live in Santa Marta.

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