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Should You Bribe Police Officers In Latin America? | What You Need To Know

What You Should Know About The Police In Latin America

We get asked a lot, how one should react when a police officer approaches them. The best thing is, of course, to always show respect. Should you be worried about getting shot or put to jail or anything similar?

No, actually police officers here are really friendly and mean no harm to you as long as you don’t mean harm to them. That’s at least how we felt about the police officers in Latin America.

Should You Bribe A Police Officer?

That depends on the country. I’ve seen how a foreigner bribed a police officer in Ecuador in order to avoid a parking fine. And he was totally fine with it. The same person did it in Panama and actually got into trouble.

In general, I would avoid bribing police officers unless you know from the locals that you have to do it. Like most people do in Mexico or the Dominican Republic.

In conclusion, you could say, you should not bribe anyone unless you know it’s the right thing to do in that specific moment and in that specific country.

Remember, I am talking about my personal experiences and stories from close friends.

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