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The Costs Of Buying Real Estate In Colombia | Interview With A Real Estate Agent (2020)

What Are The Expenses To Buy Property In Colombia?

The process to purchase real estate in Colombia is way different compared to the US! In this video, Juan Camilo our trusted real estate agent will explain some details one needs to know when it comes to buying a property in Colombia.

In conclusion, one could say the process needs lots of patience, enough budget for paperwork and governmental fees, etc. and a trustworthy real estate agent who will do the negotiation, translation, the paperwork and much more.

We do our best to make the settling process in Colombia as easy as possible. We know that the buying culture in a lot of countries including the US is a big thing. Throughout the years we got asked a lot of times if we also offer sales, and we didn’t at that time.

We are more than happy to finally present Juan Camilo! We got in contact with Juan Camilo a while ago and can say that he is a trustworthy, friendly and professional person. On top of that, he’s fully bilingual as you can see in the video.

We know that everyone can be a real estate agent in Colombia because the government doesn’t require a certificate or anything like that. Basically, everyone could be a “real estate agent”. We know that Juan Camilo has already a lot of experience in this field and does an excellent job. That’s why we are more than happy to have him on our team of trustworthy partners!

If you are thinking of buying a property in Colombia please contact us here:

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