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They Destroyed Pablo Escobar’s House

A Big Step Forward For Medellin

Pablo Escobar had a lot of influence during the past. Colombians want to see into the future and forget about the dark past.

Yesterday (02. 23.1019) they made a step into the future and destroyed Escobar’s old house that was located in Envigado. They are planning to make a park right there to honor his victims.

Even if the Colombians don’t talk about Pablo Escobar they still think about the past and how it was when he was still alive. Blowing up Escobar’s old house is a sign of moving forward and a sign of looking into the future of a safe and developed Colombia.

We avoid talking about Pablo Escobar, we have never been to one of those touristy tours where they show you where he got killed, where his grave is and more. We respect the Colombian culture a lot, that’s why we don’t see the necessity of talking about the dark past of Colombia or even see the places where the bad things happened back then.

There are more than enough people, news and more showing how “dangerous” it is and try to always justify their opinions with the past.

This is not how we think, we see how Medellin and Colombia, in general, is RIGHT NOW, and this is the only thing that matters to us.

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