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Things To Do In Medellin | Top 12 Touristic Attractions

Things To Do In Medellin | Top 12 Touristic Attractions (Vlog)

We all start out as tourists when we visit a new country. When we first came to Colombia we wanted to learn more about the culture and the people. It was inevitable to get lots and lots of tips from locals. They all talked about Guatape, Comuna 13 and more!

This time we had a friend from Switzerland visiting us. Being in Colombia for the first time, we of course had to show her the beauty of it and the cool activities the city has to offer. We took her to the top touristic attractions. And let me tell you she was more than impressed!

In this video we went to:

  • El Centro
  • Comuna 13
  • Guatape
  • Parque Arvi
  • Pueblito Paisa
  • Jardin Botanico (Botanical Garden)

All the above-mentioned places we have been to, are very touristic but cultural at the same time. Each of the places we went to have their own story and give you a great insight of the Paisa culture.

Take Pueblito Paisa for instance. Pueblito Paisa is a replica town of how traditional towns in Antioquia looked like in the past. There are still towns that look similar to those houses even today. In El Retiro or Guatape for example, you can find similar looking houses. But if someone doesn’t have the time to visit those towns, Pueblito Paisa is perfect and on top of that is has a beautiful overview of the whole city of Medellin. From the top of Pueblito Paisa you can see the big skyscrapers in Poblado till the small houses in the barrios.

It was a lot of fun to show our Swiss friend around in the city that we call our home. By the way, all the activities are family-friendly too. And make sure you always carry enough water and sunscreen with you!

Even though we did those things already several times, it never gets boring, usually there are always new things to discover at each place.

Watch the whole video in order to see how the mentioned places look like and stay till the end of the video, in order to get some more tips for other touristic attractions that we didn’t show in the video.

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