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Should You Tip In Colombia? | Tipping Culture In Colombia

Do Colombians Tip?

To tip or not to tip, a question we get really often.
As always we asked the experts, the Colombians, if they do tip, when they do it and how much.

We found out pretty quickly that there’s no such thing as a tipping culture in Colombia. People here are usually not depending on your tips and, therefore, you’re usually not even expected to tip.

The only time we do tip is when we eat in a restaurant. And I’m not talking about a typical Colombian place but restaurants that usually offer more than Colombian cuisine or are just fancier in general. There you are usually expected to give a 10% tip.

The unusual thing is, the waiter will ask you if they can include the tip into the bill. They HAVE TO ask you that by law. But as always it wouldn’t be Colombia if everybody would just do it the same way.

In parts like El Poblado, especially around Parque Lleras you most probably will not get asked if they can include the tips, but they will just do it. This is important to know, otherwise, you will most probably tip twice. Look for the words “propina” or “servicio” on the bill, which means tip.

And last but not least, why should you care about Colombia’s tipping culture?
Well, that’s easy. You’re not coming to another country and another culture just to do everything the same way as you used to back home. Or at least you shouldn’t come here with that mindset.

We respect and accept the way Colombians do it, and if they usually just tip in the restaurants, then that’s exactly what we will do too.

Watch the video till the end and have a great laugh thanks to Coco 

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