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There Are Too Many Foreigners In Medellin

Too Many Gringos In Medellin

Are there too many tourists/foreigners in Medellin? Is it true that Medellin is not local anymore?

There are surely coming a lot more foreigners to Medellin compared to a few years ago. But that doesn’t automatically make it super touristy or overrunned by them. In fact, Medellin is still really local but does surely change some things for the tourist in order to make Medellin an attractive city to visit.

What does that exactly mean in numbers?
Medellin (the whole Aburra valley) has 4 Mio. locals and just 0.5 Mio. Foreigners visiting per year.
Compared to New York with 65 Mio. tourists or even Panama with 3 Mio. tourist AND locals. I would say it is clearly not as bad as people like to portray it.

So again, there are surely seasons when there are more tourists in the city of Medellin but the number is still pretty low compared to other countries. On top of that, we have to mention, that it might seem like there are a lot of foreigners in Medellin but actually those are just in Poblado. El Poblado is the preferred area to stay for most foreigner and obviously also the reason why tourists see a lot of other tourists.

As soon as you leave Poblado and especially the area around Parque Lleras you will notice the change and the lack of tourists and foreigners in general.

So again, Medellin is not full of tourists, the Poblado area around Parque Lleras is.

Hope the video helps to debunk this specific myth once and for all.

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