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What Really Matters When Moving Abroad!

What Really Matters When Moving Abroad

People and Possibilities Vs. Pineapples and Palm trees

Eh okay, what is that supposed to mean?

An easy way to explain that, is the aspect that a lot soon to be Expats feel attracted to pineapples and palm trees which is a metaphor for beach areas and the easy life. We think that the pineapples and palm trees are nice to have but what really matters are the people and the possibilities.

In our opinion you can be super happy with pineapples and palm trees especially if you are a retiree and don’t need to think about making money abroad.

But for all the Expats that need to gain some money, usually the business opportunities and the right people are far away from the pineapples and palm trees.

Let’s make an example. You can live a nice life in Santa Marta for instance, enjoy the beach every day, eat good food, drink cocktails and more. BUT if it comes to work, you won’t find a good paid job or even people interested in your stuff there.

As a matter of fact, you can expect people to be more lazy and less productive in hot places as Santa Marta and Cartagena for instance. This will not be the place for you to make business, unless you have the patience to wait way to long for every single thing that you needs to be done.

In our opinion it matters more by whom you are surrounded by, rather than by what. You rather have trustworthy, punctual people that you can trust rather than the beach.

Watch the whole video to find out more about that specific topic.

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